Durable elegance

Our commitments

As worn by Lacoste, elegance goes well beyond appearances. It is a value, an attitude, a consideration, it is fair play. It is the expression of beautiful gestures, moments of élan, unexpected sudden bursts, incredible journeys, courage and altruism.

Elegance means you can win both in your victories and in your defeats.

It distinguishes each person beyond their social, geographical or cultural differences.

In a world that too often highlights what separates us, the elegance of Lacoste brings people together.
It is universal, it crosses time, cultures and oceans.
It is a value that is recognisable in the moment, and which is imbedded in time.
It is an aspiration for each of us, in our families, work and lives.

Raising elegance to the rank of a great universal value is Lacoste's raison d'être. A desire which operates through three commitments:
to people, to communities and to the planet.

Three fundamental pillars that also structure Lacoste's first sustainable development report. Discover more below.


Sustainable development report

To make elegance a universal value, Lacoste's ambition is twofold: to enable equal opportunities worldwide and to put in place principles of circular economy in the fashion sector.

To give shape to these ambitions, Lacoste is publishing its sustainable development report which endeavours to define its progress in these areas and presents its roadmap and objectives for 2025.

For people

To liberate movement is to enable all individuals to realise their potential. To help each person to excel, Lacoste is committed to promoting social and professional integration for vulnerable young groups, by passing on values, skills and experience.

For communities

With all its suppliers, Lacoste works towards building a durable model for its industry. A vision of shared prosperity in order for local communities to benefit from each other's successes.

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For the planet

Alongside the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Lacoste is committed to sustainable fashion founded on a circular economy. How? By preserving the planet's resources, using durable materials and sustainable manufacturing processes and a commitment to making products that last longer and that can have a second life.

The Lacoste Foundation

Created in 2006 and supported by the Fondation de France, the Lacoste Foundation supports the social and professional integration of disadvantaged and disabled young people, particularly through sports and education. It intervenes across the world in partnership with several local organisations.