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Discover how Lacoste fights against counterfeit products

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Lacoste, authenticity since 1933

The heritage of Lacoste is that of René Lacoste, legendary champion of French tennis who created the polo, the famous shirt in petit piqué that revolutionised the world of sport and fashion. He founded the brand that today is synonymous with elegance and also with savoir-faire, innovation and authenticity.

Protect Lacoste and its ecosystem

Since it was founded, Lacoste has been actively committed to protecting its brand. This is a tireless engagement with customers, employees, partners and suppliers. The commitment is laid out in the Code of Conduct and in Lacoste’s Ethics Charter, which the company’s suppliers agree to and sign to that effect.

Watch out for fake products

As a premium brand known to all, Lacoste is often the target of counterfeiting. To fight against this scourge, a dedicated Lacoste team works every day to stop the production and sale of fake Lacoste products. This team works hands in hand with public authorities across the world.

Despite being illegal, the sale of fake Lacoste products can take place anywhere: on the street, in shops or online. To spot them, be attentive to terms such as "cheap Lacoste", "Lacoste replica", "fake Lacoste", “Lacoste copy”, “Lacoste dupe”, "real Lacoste". Beware, counterfeiters are present on social networks, market places and other online platforms.

Guaranteed authenticity

In order to guarantee authenticity, quality and service, Lacoste distributes its products through a global network of approved retailers. Find a store close to you by clicking below.

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Contact Lacoste

If a product seems suspicious to you because of its appearance, quality, price or source, you can report it here by selecting "brand protection". Please provide the purchase details (date, place, etc.) and if possible photos of the location and the product. The information provided will be treated with full confidentiality. Lacoste thanks you for your contribution to the protection of its brand.